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You would agree that life can be so boring when you cannot get that which you really need. Well, you may realize that your favorite pastime is to watch movies yet you would be limited in terms of where to download and burn the CDs from. As strange as it sounds, I have made a discovery which I wish to share with you and it is FREE.

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Act of Valor

Act of Valor is my favorite movie. Oh, so it is for you too? Well, there is no special tool or computing skills that you need to download this movie or any other recent blockbuster movie you want and burn them to CD.


Act of Valor Plot

The film opens with narration by Lt. Rorke speaking about the code of a solider. Rorke says every man has a code, an ethos that he lives by. The code allows him to do his job and get home. He always wants to be home.

In San Diego, Seal Team 7 is doing a test jump out of an airplane.

The Philippines. A man in an ice cream van, Abu Shabal (Jason Cottle) is quickly driving through traffic trying to reach his destination. He wears a surgical mask to hide his identity. In the back of the van is a young woman. She is sweating but it has nothing to do with the heat.

We see a school full of children. We see a black car with U.S. diplomat plates come inside. Shabal is able to get the ice cream van into the school and the kids run towards it, screaming for ice cream. Shabal jokes with the kids while the woman tries to serve ice cream. The U.S. ambassador is met with by his son and asks if he can get ice cream. His father agrees and moves towards the group. Shabal sees this and nods to the woman. He begins to walk away. The truck explodes, killing the Ambassador, his son, and numerous other innocent children. One darts into frame, their arm charred off by the blast.

Cut to a bar in the United States. Lt. Rorke and SOC Dave are sitting down enjoying a drink when Rorke mentions his wife is pregnant with their first child and he wants to keep it quiet. Dave is understanding, and then proceeds to tell the entire bar that Rorke is having a kid. Rorke shakes his head and tells Dave that he wants him to bring his family down to the beach (Dave has a wife and 5 kids) and they can have one last get together before they have to ship out again. Rorke will even teach Dave how to surf.

Costa Rica. A young woman named Morales (Rosalyn Sanchez) is giving a small child a shot in a medical tent. A convoy of cars show up. In one is Christo (Alex Veadov), who runs up to the group of children in the clearing, giving them candy. Christo sees Morales and she gives him a smile.

Morales meets with Walter Ross (Nestor Serrano). Morales is in actuality CIA as is Ross. They have been watching Christo because he is a major drug lord. The problem is, Christo gives back much of his wealth to the community for housing, medical centers, and schools which make the people extremely loyal to him. They need to be careful.

Morales and Ross are at her hotel room playing scrabble, waiting for Chinese food she ordered to arrive. There is a knock on the door and Ross answers thinking it is the delivery man. Two men are at the door. They shoot Ross in the head. Morales reaches for her gun and gets off a few shots before she is subdued. They knock her out, cut up the carpet and roll her in it, carrying her out. They place her in the back of the truck and drive off.

Back in the U.S. Rorke and Dave got to the beach with their families. Rorke attempts to teach Dave how to surf. Later during the night, we meet the rest of the squad. Remy, their sniper. Ray, their communications man. Sonny, their EOD operator. Ajay, a former muy thai fighter. Mikey, a 20-year veteran. And finally Miller, their senior chief who commands them all. Rorke talks to his squad telling them whatever they need to fix in their lives, they need to do it now before they ship out. They need to be completely focused on the mission, so they can all come home together.

The next morning, Rorke says goodbye to his wife. He mentions that if they have a boy, he thinks James is a good name. When he leaves, his wife falls to the floor and cries, afraid once more that this will be the time he won’t come back.

In Mexico, Morales is hung up by her hands, beaten within an inch of her life. Her right eye is swollen shut. Her torturer comes in with a phone. Morales pleads with the voice saying she is just a doctor. Christo, who is in the Ukraine tells her he knows she is CIA and she better start talking. Christo tells his man to keep Morales alive and to only call back when she talks…

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